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Mi Line Case Studies

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Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

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General Information

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On Demand Selling Center

2016 marks the 56th year Mi Line has been serving the promotional products industry. Over 70% of our product line proudly Made In USA and 100% is imprinted in USA.

Whether its pocket tools, night lights, kitchen tools, fly swatters, magnets and of course the "World's Best Pizza Cutter"™, there's no better product line than Mi Line for "Putting Your Message In Every Home" Producing "Practical Products that deliver Premium Exposure" is what we've done since day one and we've produced some online learning videos including end user friendly ones.

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Trade Show Schedule & Sales Team

The Mi Line by Fey sales team provides an educational, professional and personalized experience whenever you meet with them. With the recent addition of key individuals, the Mi Line by Fey sales team is most likely coming to your location soon.

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