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Mi Line by Fey

If you're looking to turn your brand into a household name, you need to start with getting your name inside the home and that's where Mi Line by Fey products excel.

Whether youre presenting at a conference or participating at an event, make sure to send people home with promotional items and giveaways that not only carry your message but also are frequently used by the recipient.

Kitchen products and d├ęcor personalized with your logo are sure to receive repeated use and inspire brand recognition amongst renters and homeowners alike.

The easiest and fastest way to gain recognition and enhance your brand is with practical kitchen based promotional products from Mi Line by Fey.

What types of kitchen use products do we produce?

You might be wondering "Why should any business consider using kitchen based promotional products in their marketing and advertising strategies?" Mi Line by Fey has ten reasons...

  • 41% of all family cooking is done by men.
  • 52% of adults spend 3 hours in their kitchen daily.
  • 53% of grocery dollars are spent by Baby Boomers.
  • 77% of Americans are making healthier food choices.
  • 80% of households cook with fresh ingredients.
  • 82% of homes have promotional products in their kitchen.
  • 83% of households keep screwdrivers in a kitchen drawer.
  • 87% of consumers make buying decisions while at home.
  • 90% of households make pizza and eat ice cream.
  • 100% of Mi Line by Fey practical products create premium exposure for your client.
"Putting Your Message in Every Home" is what Mi Line by Fey products do better than anything else!