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On-Demand Distributor Webinars

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

 The Affordable Care Act - 15 min
Understanding the Implications for Your clients & Your sales.

Providing the basic information about the Affordable Care Act, Fey PPG Marketing Director Ron Williams (a retired physician) details how the ACA has impacted your clients and the 7 things that have begun to decrease your sales right now because of it.

Notice a change in your client buying habits from you? Learn the reason why as well as the location of a
new $445 million dollar new vertical market instantly created just waiting for you to step in and control it!

Solving the Wellness Puzzle

 Solving the Wellness Puzzle - (20 min)
How to Prepare for What's Coming & Explode Your Sales
Marketing Director Ron Williams provides insight into the world-wide trend that is changing the promotional products industry. Containing exclusive information not found anywhere else, Ron discusses and reveals to distributors five very important things every distributor needs to know to maximize sales and prevent your competition from taking your clients.

You'll learn more what makes your clients tick and what makes their customers tick...
You'll see the proof why the wellness trend is here to stay...
You'll be shocked at Who/What is the driving force behind the trend...
You'll be amazed to discover how long this trend will last and most importantly...
You'll discover how you can capitalize on it and sell more than you ever have because of it!

Top 10 Health/Wellness Promo Products

 The Top 10 Health & Wellness Products (16 mins)
Your Path to Profits

Now that you've learned about the trend affecting our industry and what is happening in the consumer marketplace, becoming the subject matter expert is your next step.

In order to capitalize on becoming the Health/Wellness subject matter expert to your clients you need an arsenal of tried and true promotional items. This webinar details the Top Ten items you need to present to your clients for them to maximize their ROI and why you need to present them.

Learn why your clients will want to buy these from you...Why your margins will no longer be cut...How to become the real 'Value Add' you always thought you were...And how to maximize your sales.

WARNING - Do not be shocked by how easy this will be for you!

Top 10 Health/Wellness Promo Products

 The Top 10 Health & Wellness Products (6 mins)
Your Path to Profits (End User Version)

Since you're taking the steps to become the expert we wanted to provide you an effective tool to use...We've created an end-user friendly video for you to share.

This 6 minute video informs your client about the wellness trend that's driving their customers thoughts and daily living habits and how they need to capitalize on it in order to maximize their sales and why they need to contact you for assistance in seeing these Top Ten items for themselves.