Home Accessories

Mi Line by Fey Coasters, Night Lights and Fly Swatters

Most households are busy places especially if they contain school age children.

Lessons, sporting teams, friends...Seems like there's always something going on and a schedule needs to be kept.

What interesting is that when you look at a refrigerator what do you see? Refrigerator magnets and usually there are several of them right?

Ever wished you had a fly swatter to get that pest rather than a rolled up magazine?

What about during the evening, when you had to get up at night in the dark. Ever wished you had night lights around your house so you wouldn't hit the bed post or the corner of the wall with your toes?

You work hard and deserve some relaxation so you pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and you take a seat on the couch ready to watch your shows but there's a problem...You're spouse reminds you that you need to put a coaster down and not damage the furniture.

Oh yeah, by the way, the kids stuck your car keys into the electrical outlet because you didn't have any outlet safety plugs around.

While the above is made up it's actually pretty close to the truth of everyday living. Practical products are needed in the home and premium brand exposure results when they're used.

It's a good thing that Mi Line by Fey produces all of those items.